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Cramming for success: study and academic work

A-Study and exams

B-Academic writing composition could be just 50–100 words, oft en used for school work essay longer than a composition, more serious, hundreds or thousands of words assignment a long essay, oft en part of a course, usually thousands of words project like an assignment, but emphasis on student’s own material and topic portfolio a collection of individual pieces of work; may include drawings and other examples of creative work as well as writing dissertation a long, research-based work, perhaps 10–15,000 words, for a degree or diploma thesis a very long, original, research-based work, perhaps 80–100,000 words, for a higher degree (e.g. PhD) It’s a good idea to start with a mind map(1) when preparing an essay. Always write a first draft (2) before writing up the final version. Your essay should be all your own work; plagiarism(3) is a very serious off ence in colleges and universities. It is an increasing problem because it is so easy to cut and paste from materials available on the internet, and students have to sign a plagiarism form to say that the work they are handing in is all their own and that they acknowledge(4) any sources they have used. There is usually a deadline5. Aft er the essay is submitted(6), it will be assessed(7) and usually you can get feedback(8).

1- diagram that lays out ideas for a topic and how they are connected to one another

2- first, rough version 3-using other people’s work as if it was yours

4-give details of

5- date by which you must hand in the work

6- comments from the teacher/tutor 7 evaluated and given a grade

8 comments from the teacher/tutor

C-Aspects of higher academic study

-English Vocabulary in Use Advanced

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