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watch a film

  • He stayed in and watched a film on TV.

see a film

  • We saw a good film last night at the cinema.

appear in a film

  • She once appeared in a film with Al Pacino.

star in a film (=be one of the main characters in a film)

  • Robert Mitchum starred in a film called 'River of No Return' with Marilyn Monroe.

direct a film

  • The film was directed by Jean-Luc Godard.

edit a film

  • The film was edited using the latest digital technology.

make/shoot a film

  • Sutton has been making a film for Australian television.

show/screen a film

  • The film is being shown in cinemas all across the country.

distribute a film

  • Warner Bros became the first major studio to distribute its films over the Internet.

a film stars/features somebody

  • The film starred Brad Pitt.

a film is released/comes out (=it is made available for people to see)

  • The film is due to come out in May.

a film is showing (also a film is on British English) (=it is being shown at a cinema)

  • The film is on at the Odeon Cinema.


a horror/adventure/war film

  • He likes watching horror films.

a cowboy/gangster etc film

  • John Wayne was best-known for his roles in cowboy films.

a feature film (=a full-length film shown in the cinema)

  • Shane Meadows’ first feature film was 'Twenty Four Seven'.

a documentary film

  • He has just completed a documentary film about Thomas Jefferson.

an independent film (=a film made by a small film company)

  • Young directors began making small independent films.

a foreign-language film (=a film in a language that is not the audience’s native language)

  • Foreign-language films seldom do well at the box office.

a low-budget film

  • He’s currently producing his own low-budget film.

a big-budget film

  • a big-budget film aimed at the mass market

a silent film (=made in the time before films had sound)

  • a star of silent films


the film industry

  • Scorsese is a highly respected figure in the film industry.

a film company/studio (=a company that produces films)

  • a European film company trying to compete with the major Hollywood studios

a film studio (=a special building where films are made)

  • Many of the scenes were shot in a film studio.

a film actor/star

  • John Voight, the American film star, is perhaps best known for his Oscar winning performance in 'Midnight Cowboy'.

a film director

  • This year’s festival includes a tribute to the French film director Bertrand Tavernier.

a film producer (=someone who controls the preparation of a film)

  • British film producer Alexander Korda decided to make a movie about Vienna.

a film maker (=someone who makes films, especially as a director)

  • He is one of several exciting young film makers.

a film soundtrack (=the recorded music for a film)

  • The film’s soundtrack was composed by Ennio Morricone.

film music

  • In 'La Strada', Nino Rota demonstrates the poetic power of film music.

a film festival

  • The Berlin Film Festival attracted more than 400 films from around the world.

a film premiere (=the first showing of a film)

  • Film premieres tend to be glamorous occasions.

a film crew/unit (=a group of people working together to make a film)

  • The film crew are making a documentary about village life.

a film camera

  • The company produces digital film cameras.

a film buff (=someone who is interested in films and knows a lot about them)

  • Film buffs will enjoy reading 'The 100 Best Movies of All Time'.

a film critic

  • The review was written by 'The Daily Telegraph’s' film critic.

a film school

  • He graduated from film school in 1998.

film studies

  • She’s studying for a diploma in film studies.

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