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cold weather

  • More cold weather is expected later this week.

a cold night/day

  • It was a cold night with a starlit sky.

a cold winter

  • A cold winter will increase oil consumption.

a cold wind

  • A cold wind was blowing from the north.

a cold spell (=a period of cold weather, especially a short one)

  • We’re currently going through a bit of a cold spell.

a cold snap (=a short period of very cold weather)

  • There had been a sudden cold snap just after Christmas.


freezing/icy cold

  • Take your gloves – it’s freezing cold out there.

bitterly cold (=very cold)

  • The winter of 1921 was bitterly cold.

unusually/exceptionally cold

  • a period of unusually cold weather

quite/pretty cold

  • It’s going to be quite cold today.

cold out/outside


become cold (also get cold informal)

  • In my country, it never really gets cold.

turn/grow cold (=become cold, especially suddenly)

  • The birds fly south before the weather turns cold.

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