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(of the weather)


be/become/get/ grow hot

  • The sun shone fiercely down and it grew hotter and hotter.


baking/blazing/bloody (taboo) /boiling/exceedingly/exceptionally/extremely

incredibly/insufferably/intensely/oppressively/really/scorching/stiflingly swelteringly/unbearably/uncomfortably/unusually/very hot

  • a boiling hot summer's day It was unbearably hot in the car.

a bit/fairly/pretty/quite/rather

  • This weather's a bit hot for me.

(of a person)


be/feel/look hot

  • Don't you feel hot so close to the fire?

get/grew hot

  • They had been going steadily up for half an hour and she was beginning to get uncomfortably hot.

  • His face grew hot at the memory of his embarrassment.


boiling/burning/extremely/really/uncomfortably/very hot

  • I was boiling hot and sweaty.

  • His forehead was burning hot.

a bit/quite/rather hot

(of a thing)


be/feel/look/seem hot

get hot


extremely/really/red-/scalding/very/white hot

  • white-hot metal

a bit/fairly/moderately/quite/rather/slightly hot

  • Wash the tablecloth in fairly hot soapy water.

  • Bake in a moderately hot oven.

enough/sufficiently hot

  • The ground was hot enough to fry an egg on.

(of food: not cold)


be/keep/stay hot

  • The food should stay hot until we're ready to eat.

keep sth hot

  • The containers keep the food hot for five hours.

eat sth/serve sth hot

  • Serve hot or cold accompanied by bread and a salad.


piping/really/scalding/sizzling/steaming/very hot

  • a bowl of piping hot soup Make sure the fat is sizzling hot.

a bit/fairly/quite/rather hot

(of food: spicy)


be/taste hot


extremely/really/very hot

  • I love really hot food.

a bit/pretty/quite/slightly hot

  • That was a pretty hot curry!

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