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His Dark Materials Audio Book Download _TOP_

Keeping the kids entertained is no mean feat - especially if they're stuck indoors. And if you find it hard to get them opening up a book, another way to introduce them to the magic of literature is via the audiobook.

His Dark Materials Audio Book Download

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We've put together a list of our favourite kids audiobooks that you'll find on Audible. Many of these have even been narrated by the authors themselves - who better to tell a story that the person who wrote it? Others have been read by actors and other high-profile figures. Read on for our pick of the best audiobooks for kids on Audible - from Roald Dahl to Rudyard Kipling.

This audio book is a collection of charming tales from the friendly skeleton pals as they go about their night-time adventures. The edition includes The Pet Shop, Bumps in the Night and Dinosaur Dreams among other tales.

Travelogue master Bill Bryson has retired to the library in recent years, and his gentle Midwestern tones are perfect for audiobooks. In his latest book, The Body, Bryson takes a characteristic approach familiar to his readers, unearthing fascinating, disgusting, and hilarious nuggets of information about our bodies. He explores everything from genetics to our immune system, all in a soothing voice that will keep you calm while you panic-Google various ailments.

UPDATE: One of my best audiobooks of 2016 so far.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'bookloverbookreviews_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_7',173,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-bookloverbookreviews_com-large-leaderboard-2-0');

Once upon a time, all books were audiobooks. And just as your mum and dad once brought books to life at bedtime, today's best audiobook narrators are magicians. Whether it's Stephen Fry enthralling you with classic detective tales, Rocketman star Taron Egerton reading Elton John's autobiography, or Peter Crouch recalling his football anecdotes, the right narrator breathes new life into even the best books.

Amazon's audiobooks app Audible is the best platform for managing your audiobooks. (To find out why, read our in-depth review.) All the audiobooks in our rundown can be played in the Audible app, which is free to download.

Penguin UK Audiobooks: Browse thousands of audiobooks from the legendary UK publisher, then click Buy Now to download via third-party stores, including Audible. We love the site's videos of star narrators in the audiobook studio, including Elisabeth Moss reading The Handmaid's Tale and Michael Sheen reading Philip Pullman's The Book of Dust trilogy.

LibriVox Audio Books: 24,000+ completely free audiobooks to download and play via the free LibriVox app. You won't find many A-list narrators here, but worth a try if you're an adventurous reader who's fed up paying for Audible.

Bill Bryson has been around the world in 80 audiobooks, but he now explores lands closer to home. Much closer to home. In his journey around our body's own physical and neurological map, Bryson unearths fascinating, often revolting and frequently hilarious facts, all delivered in his infectiously inquisitive US voice.

Bryson's tones may be too soothing for the gym or while you're trying to stay awake on the motorway, but for bedtime reading and long walks it's spot on. There's also an audiobook-exclusive section where people discuss the power of sound and voice.

This TV show's spin-off book works better as an audiobook than on the page. It feels like a natural extension of the show, and more intimate. In between the laugh out loud moments there are hours of engaging chat about life's big questions, such as: How did we get so old? What are your favourite pocket meats? What should we do if we find a corpse?

No such problems with this audiobook, narrated by actor Tom Hollander, who starred in the BBC adaptation of another Le Carre novel, The Night Manager. Hollander's deep, disquieting voice helps you distinguish between characters, remember names and places, and follow the story's threads as it winds towards its conclusion.

Benedict Cumberbatch reading a bedtime story about the meaning of time itself? Yes please. Rovelli's book, which covers everything from the concept of nostalgia to Einstein and quantum theory, is elevated to sheer mesmeric delight by Cumberbatch's velvet tones, which helped win it the 2018 National Book Award for best audiobook.

Peter Crouch is famous for being good at football and very tall, but he's also an incredibly engaging raconteur. No-one else could have narrated the audiobook of his memoir with quite such funny flair. You might find many of the stories familiar if you're already a fan of his podcast, but he's such good company that you may not mind hearing them again.

It works especially well as an audiobook, thanks to O'Brien's unfailingly committed narration, with actors re-enacting the radio conversations. You may not like everything he says, but his logic, wit and intelligence are riveting.

The hosts of true-crime comedy podcast My Favorite Murder turn the focus on their own lives in this confessional audiobook. Anyone who's ever been through anything will find something here to relate to and learn from.

Comedian and actor David Walliams is now firmly established as one of the world's leading children's authors, but it's only just over a decade since he published his first book, The Boy In The Dress. It's loved by children and parents for its unpatronising sensitivity and uplifting escapism - and has many non-parent adult fans, too. This audiobook version is an absolute joy, elevated by brilliant vocal performances from Walliams and his Little Britain co-star Matt Lucas.

What happened to crime boss Jimmy Hoffa? And what did Mafia hitman Frank 'The Irishman' Sheeran know about it? This epic tale of organised crime in post-war America has been squeezed into a three-and-a-half-hour Netflix movie by Martin Scorsese, but even he had to leave out most of the details, so here audiobook actor extraordinaire Scott Brick fills in the grisly gaps by narrating the book that the film is based on. And it's a helluva ride: grim, gritty and haunting. Don't have nightmares.

Pullman has already followed up the original trilogy with two novellas and an audiobook. He said he was motivated to revisit the world of Lyra and her companions with a full trilogy because "I sensed a big story. I sensed the presence, in the way that you do, of another story that hadn't been told, and I went closer and ... thought about it and lived with it for a while and discovered that yes, it was a big story, and it did deserve to be told, it deserves its own books."

Most books limit how many devices you can download them on at the same time. Remove the e-book or audiobook from one of your devices and download it on another, or turn off Books syncing on devices you don't use often.

*You may notice some delays and longer wait times to check out e-books and audiobooks. Top publishers are placing further restrictions in purchasing and pricing models for libraries, including the Pierce County Library System.

Download audio and digital braille book and magazine titles for use with Digital Talking Book machines, iOS devices, Android devices, braille embossers, and refreshable braille devices. This service is available to registered patrons of the Tennessee Library for Accessible Books and Media only.

Search the Library's catalog, check out or renew books, audiobooks, movies, and TV Shows, explore CHPL events, and display your digital library card. Our app is not a replacement for the digital borrowing apps listed below.

The Central Library Plan (CLP), originally presented in 2008, proposed restoring the Schwarzman building's status as a circulating library. The CPL met loud public protest,7 and was finally abandoned in May 2014.8 The CLP proposed opening up closed space within the building, moving 1.5 million books from their present location in open stacks to storage space to be built out underneath Bryant Park. An additional 1.5 million books were to be moved offsite to Recap, a shelving facility in Plainsboro, New Jersey, to be accessed through online request. Renovations to the Schwarzman building were to include an expanded children's room, increased computer space, and additional "destination" and general public space. Improved research services are also cited as a priority, with NYPL aspiring to "more librarian assistance, quiet study and collaborative spaces, additional computers, quick and easy access to our highest demand books and materials for users on the go."9

As e-book borrowing becomes steadily more ubiquitous, technological factors are becoming less of a deterrent.16 Their use is more widespread than ever; in 2011 nearly a third of e-book readers preferred to borrow rather than buy, as did almost two-thirds of audiobook listeners.17 But the experience of library patrons looking to borrow electronic material is still not smooth,18 and bears further examination.

Research surrounding library e-book and audiobook use has primarily been concerned with issues of discoverability,19 and has only recently begun to seriously examine questions of usability. Additionally, a majority of studies have been concerned with the adaptation of e-books in academic settings,20 as publisher issues have delayed their widespread use in public libraries.21

In order to examine how well the New York Public Library system is adapting to changing user needs and preferences, we focused our research on access and storage, two areas that are at the heart of the CLP. Given the increasing role of e-books and library storage centers in enhancing access to materials in public libraries, we asked the following research questions:

The first task asked students to borrow digital items (e-book or audio book) from NYPL. This was assigned early in the semester, when most students were still new to reference services and processes. The questions asked students to describe their experience in narrative form and reflect on the process and their affective response to it.

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