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Stupid Bloody Fairytale Zip: The Songs and Lyrics that Will Make You Laugh and Cry

Of course, the simplest answer for why the evil master is surrounded by idiots is because you'd have to be stupid to work for him. The underlings' being Too Dumb to Live may well explain why they continue to work for an abusive employer, but we still have to wonder why the Evil Overlord hired them in the first place. We can't pretend he's not aware of his hirelings' shortcomings since he never hesitates to exclaim about them: "FOOLS! CRETINS! BUNGLERS!" (there always seems to be a basic formula of Mild Insult! Not-So-Mild Insult! EXTREME INSULT!, if it's not a case of Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking), sometimes, "It's so hard to find good help these days..." and of course, the oft-repeated Trope Naming line, "I'm surrounded by idiots!" - sometimes accompanied by a facepalm. After one too many failures, the boss tends to say "If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself!" and then proceeds to do far better at any given mission than his underlings have ever done, making you wonder why he didn't just do this in the first place.

Stupid Bloody Fairytale Zip


My husband's story is sadly typical; it all started with a cough. It could be heard throughout the house and he was incapacitated by it. At first they thought it was bronchitis, when it became bloody they tested for TB.

Finland is also the country of monopolies concerning many businesses. There are many industries which are not allowed to have competition. For example gambling, gambling is only allowed to be organized by state owned company called Veikkaus. Pharmacies also are not allowed to have competition between each other. Taxi business was allowed to start competition 1.7.2018. Until that day it had allways been strictly regulated by state and the laws. Regulating taxi businessess is as stupid as if the state of Finland regulated who is allowed to have a barber shop.

Go stupid somewhere hell from here. We dont need you and your shit. Go to live your scene-shit somewhere else. We arent interested are you interested of Ville Valo, Nightwish, Korpiklaani or some other bullshit. Youre so fucking naiive also what comes to weather. You publish in your facebook pictures of snow. Do you get some orgasm of it or are you with some other way so stupid?

Why are you so critical you have no right to finnish culture. You dont have to talk bad about Finland if you dont like it. This the finns culture and you should respect it. But no you just are hurtful to us. You stupid racist mean person. As the scripture says do unto others as you would wnat them do unto you. Imagine if toh saw something so stupid like this about your own country.

Page 65 - In reference to the golems, Adora Belle Dearheart says, "and then stupid people go around calling them 'persons of clay'". This is Pratchett poking fun at the politically correct using terms such as "persons of colour" to describe other races.

Page 149 - In the discussion regarding the ability of golems to talk, Moist says, Well, dumb is okay so long as they're not stupid". This is another of Pratchett's obvious plays on words - dumb meaning both the inability to speak and also lacking in intelligence.

Page 237 - In that scene Moist thinks, "It's right behind me, yes? Bloody well bloody right bloody behind me!" It is probably a stretch to suggest that Pratchett was thinking of the title of the Supertramp song "Bloody Well Right" but it certainly sounds like it. Pratchett is probably simply using the common British expression.

Logically speaking, "Sinister" is deeply flawed. Brad Miska, writing for Bloody Disgusting, describes it perfectly when he says, "'Sinister' is pretty stupid, but it is also scary. Super scary." In the film, Ethan Hawke plays Ellison Oswalt, a true crime writer desperate for the success he possessed a decade earlier. Resultantly, he moves his family to the site of a grisly massacre. Once there, he runs afoul of Bughuul, an ancient deity that he discovers on old Super 8 footage of several murders.

Mr. Bacevich speaks the truth. I feel we live in a false economy that breeds materialism in the hopes we will stay content and docile and not disturb the aministration that rapes the world of its riches so the few can control the masses. We've been sold a bill of goods that is passed from one generation to the next. Who is truly happy! Its refreshing to know that someone gets it! The solution is: Stop settling for the BULL! We need to build our movement and unite all that understand that we cannot afford to continue this way of life or we will perish, or even worse be dominated. It is time for total sacrifice from all Americans if we want to preserve true freedom. Giving up our stupid, materialistic, toxic lifestyles is a responsiblity we must all share. Our time is here. Can we afford to wait any longer. It is time to clean house. Again, we need to make extreme sacrifices and endure these extremes for the survival of our beautiful country. Start with throuwing away your television, and then your car. Start riding a bicycle, and then plant a garden. Lead by example, clean thine house, and others will follow. There are no easy answers, but there are plenty of simple solutions if we are willing to sacrifice for beatiful America.

Some long-winded posters foresee themselves as loner-survivors, serrated knife in hand, because of a flawed reading list. Let's hope we co-operative types don't have to resort to the not-entirely-evil good of smothering them while they sleep for the general welfare. (Maybe a just fate for Bush and Condi?) At Figgers we never take a single opinion as final, but experiment and work for a consensus. I believe discussion will show that people are generally hopeful, adaptable and cooperative to the degree that the petroleum age can be transcended. Anyway, it would be foolish not to try, to revert to violent pre-emptive war and bloody competition before we know for sure. We have determined by long consideration that the major flaw in our Constitution is the sacredness of unlimited private property. This conclusion is more conservative than liberal in its eschatology. (Surprised?)

I was impressed that someone could articulate so clearly, in so honest a manner, seemingly original ideas that seemed like common sense. This was like coming clean, saying dah, how stupid are we. We as a society are sooooo stupid, and we get the leaders we deserve(representive democracy) who will lead us to utter doom. One would give up, until listening to wise men such as this who give us hope and bring us to our senses. I only wish there were more than the one or two who pop up on late night public T.V.

5. End the commercialization of everything. The principle of advertising is stupid. It degrades human beings by being a role model for dishonesty. This leads to cynicism, promotes a climate of massive consumption, and thus prevents the building of a truly good human society, one which expresses the best spiritually in us.

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