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Yume NikkiThe title screen of Yume NikkiDeveloperKIKIYAMAEngineRPG Maker 2003Version0.10 (October 1, 2007)0.10a (February 10, 2012)DeveloperKIKIYAMAPlatformPC (Windows 98 onward)MobileRelease DateJune 26, 2004GenreSui generis / Arthouse / Psychological HorrorYume Nikki (ゆめにっき, pronounced /ju me nikki/) is a 32-Bit freeware game created by KIKIYAMA, a mysterious Japanese game designer. The game was made using RPG Maker 2003, and is regarded as one of the most original applications of the software, as well as the start of a possible new genre of games. It was initially released on June 26, 2004 (under version 0.00), and received numerous updates until October 1, 2007, when version 0.10 was released.

YUME Free Download

Yume Nikki was added to the Playism distribution platform on February 10, 2012 under version 0.10a. This was followed up by an official English localization releasing worldwide on July 11, 2012. KIKIYAMA built version 0.10a on October 6, 2007 to incorporate bug fixes for version 0.10 that were released in a separate patch titled Yumesyuusei. The download link on their website was never replaced to host version 0.10a, leaving its distribution to AGM Playism.

On January 9th, 2018, this version was released on Steam for free by AGM Playism and Kadokawa. In 2019, a version for iOS and Android was released by CAERUXLab for $2.99, although it featured several bugs and other differences.

You play as a little girl Madotsuki. The game starts in your room. You can use the bed to enter the dream world or desk to save your game. The bed can transport you into a dream world where the majority of the game takes place, and your task is to find six "effects" and three keys in this world. Some of the effects are requied to progress in few areas of the game. The most important effects, such as bicycle and the knife, are hidden in the locations connected to Nexus (the hub location). Most locations in Dream world are connected by series of portals and there's no boundaries. You are free to explore the game world.

Answer : The game is free to download and free to play. Purchases may be made ingame for various game resources. You can use iTunes account or Google Pay to pay for these. A valid credit card or phone credit is needed to make payment.

Answer : You require a mobile data connection of 3G or better or a WiFi connection to play this game. As the game may periodically update by downloading large files, we recommend regular play with WiFi connection when possible so as to conserve your data charges.

Download Yume Nikki English 0.10 from our software library for free. Our antivirus check shows that this download is virus free. The program lies within Games, more precisely Adventure. The Yume Nikki English installer is commonly called Reuben_eng.exe, RPG_RT.exe or Uninstal.exe etc. This free tool was originally produced by Kikiyama. The most popular version among the software users is 0.1. The file size of the latest setup package available for download is 46.7 MB.

Yume Nikki is a free game in which the players explore the dreams of the fictional character Madotsuki.. It is through dreaming, in which the player is able to view scenes that are recognized as being genuinely disturbing at times. When Madotsuki sleeps she begins to dream, and the player is presented with a dream world which resembles the same room Madotsuki fell asleep in, with some minor differences

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

Once the drive has been prepared, you can use the front end Installer to learn more about, find, or download distributions and tools to put on a select drive. The front end will create an organized folder structure and copy each ISO to the drive for you (recommended if you want the tool to keep track of your installations for removal). It can also create persistent storage files for you and the related .json entry. For example, each Ubuntu based distribution can have its own persistent storage up to 10GB. ;)

i downloaded the folder for this game but i cannot run it for some reason as it apparently "contains malware or potentially unwanted software." i tried to run another game 'BioCrisis' which lead to the same results..... why is this happening??

that's because it includes some stuff that windows senses might be dangerous. it's very common in game downloaded manualy, like you do in itch. it's most likely just windows finding something that Might be dangerous, but actually isn't so it's a false alarm.

Can someone help me? I installed the VN first time and it worked perfectly but after that I opened the yumemiru.exe and it says application error. Then I delete the whole VN and try to reinstall it but when I run the setup.exe a window says I already have the VN installed gives me the option to open the game but when I click yes a window says it failed in the start. What should I do to reinstall it? I really want to play this VN.

ok, so i finally downloaded every piece, and combined them with unrarx. im on lion for mac, so when i double click the .iso file in the YMK folder, it just shows me a bunch of various files. does anyone know what i am supposed to use to run this? please i have heard great praise of this VN, and really want to play it.

i downloaded this morning and it worked fine if you have corrupt parts then redownload the parts you needjust started reading about 30 mins agofor some reason the idiot friend reminds me of tsukihime i think there was another idiot in that game

So I downloaded all the parts. I see they are a tad different from my other downloads, as in they are in different format(?) AND as I click on one of em (the downloaded parts) it starts to extract em (or whatever it does :P) Just like with everything other game, but instead of starting the game, it asks me for a disc to burn the game in. Now, I dont have an empty disc big enough for this game, so do I actually need to get one or what am I supposed to do?

ok, after downloading it twice, and taking the .rar file from the first attempt and placed it with the files from the second attempt, I finally got it working. Must be something messep up with my internet. anyways, I am looking forward to this.

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